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. as you know, that has always been a controversial issue in the united states house of representatives and no less so today. if that measure passes, then it is believed that a great number of sort of moderate democrats could then get on board with the idea of this health care reform bill. and we have right now congressman joe wilson from south carolina who is standing by. congressman, we may have to break out of this, if the president comes out. i know you'll understand, but tell me very quickly, what are you hearing on the floor today about the status of this legislation? >> well, it's really up to the blue dogs, are they going to be independent or are they going to be lap dogs and take directions from speaker pelosi. today is going to be the crucial day. people will find out. persons who said they're blue dogs, are they blue or lap dogs. >> brian: and you have proposed a motion that would basically make members of congress take the so-called public or government option, if that becomes the law of the land. do you think that will have any legs? >> it should, i was able to get the man
for the senate he opposes the idea to bring them to the united states in part because he thinks he is going to make illinois a terror target. i talked to a national security expert who has been in the years. he laughed at that. he said look, are you kidding me. terrorists go for high value targets, big places like new york and washington as we saw on 9/11. they're not going for a town in 500. he laughed and said, are you kidding. that is going to be among the safest places in the world because there is only 500 premium. am i right? >> that was the first thing i thought of. terrorism is about the unexpected. major impacts from this. if there is going to be one safe place in america, it will be that town. >> gregg: congressman brown, it doesn't make sense in many ways? >> you are misconstruing what mark kirk is saying. he is saying it's going to bring terrorist attacks to america, like chicago and new york city. we're going to showcase these people, freedom hating cold-blooded murderers, the worst to the shores of the united states. these aren't criminals, they are enemy combatants. anybody t
of the evidence is tossed out and if they moved to the united states, what is the overall impact for the country, really, in terms of overall security? not just in terms of housing them, but, their ability to recruit jihadists? >> jamie, all of these moves are a dramatic and tragic retreat in the war against terrorism. when you go back to a pre-9/11 mentality, where we are treating these as a criminal justice matter, rather than acts of war. and after 9/11 that is why we set up the tribunals and set up the whole idea of interrogations. for instance, if we captured khalid sheikh mohammed, in 2003, as we did, and read him his miranda rights, as we'd be required to do now, to have the trials go forward, thousands of innocent lives would have been lost because we obtained intelligence from him, we obtained information which saved so many lives and what we are doing is saying we are not out to get intelligence or information, we are out to have a criminal justice-type proceeding and reading people their rights and allow them -- various risks they can bring and legal protections an american citizen wo
, there you see it to the president of the united states with the secret service is now saying. @ >> julie: time for top of the news, russian authorities are blaming a homemade bomb for derailing an express train last night. the result killing dozens of people. a nationwide search is now underway for a florida shooting suspect, she accused of killing four members on thanksgiving. on sunday they will release 911 tapes from tiger woods' suv crash. they plan to speak to woods about the wreck. >> gregg: secret service is formally apologizing to stop two party crashers at a white house state dinner. just how bad is the security breach? take a look at this. this is the picture at the white house. it insists these are uninvited guests shaking hands with the president. prime minister of india looking on. >>> to get into a state dinner, you are supposed to have your social security number, date of birth, name all before the dinner starts. reality show hope flsz got a whole lot of hutzpah. now, they are releasing this in the blue room getting a photo with the president right next to the prime minist
weapons and also nuclear weapons between russia and the united states. the treaty will expire and they want to reach an agreement before the december 5th deadline. they may of to talk about an umbrella agreement so they can create a new treaty to reduce stock piles in both countries. >> gregg: hundreds of protestors taking to the streets in seoul, south korea. demonstrators are angry about their government's plan to redispatch troops to afghanistan. that plan still needs to be plafd by the national assembly. south korea with crew 200 army medics and technicians two years ago. more demonstrations are planned to president obama's upcoming visit. >> julie: this week the nation has honored people but they are taking things to another level. they have teamed up to promote the wounded warrior project that helps injured soldiers. they were sporting special designs, camouflaged uniforms. live in columbia, south korea. so a big honor for people. what else are the south korea doing to salute the wounded warriors. >> they are wearing camouflage on the jerseys and camouflaged cleats that
thoughts, first of all, about this decision to bring these key gitmo detainees to the united states for trial in new york city? >> it's a phenomenally bad decision on many, many levels and i suspect a decision based on a mix of politics and a desire to pander to, sort of the self-righteous liberal, setting the stage and putting the bush-cheney years on trial again. it's in a sense, i think what we're unfortunately about to do is open up years of a side show here in new york that's going to be very painful and also, going to be very damaging ultimately. it's going to provide a great deal of public relations spin to our adversaries overseas. >> i know you talked to people inside the intelligence community, the place where you once worked. how are they responding about this? >> well, the good thing about the cia, they just march on. they just get on with it. and regardless of what administration is there, that's the job that they do. i think, unfortunately, look, from a security standpoint, when we-- there have been some talk, even since holder's decision that bringing mohammed and the
is heading towards the united states. sit? well maybe not. domenica davis is live in the fox weather center with the answer. >> yeah, gregg. rainfall pushing into the gulf but as soon as tomorrow, two to four inches of rain through louisiana and arkansas that's what we'll see. this is going to cause some problems. these areas have seen a lot of rain. here is the latest advisory, one at 4:00 eastern time. category one hurricane by tomorrow and then it's going to weaken. it moves into the gulf. so again by tomorrow, we'll start to see the presence in the gulf and going to stay with us through much of the early part of the week. now to the pacific northwest we are dealing with a brand-new snowstorm that is moving in the cascades and oregon. you are going to be looking at significant snowfall. they will get the first snowfall of the season. in some places we could see over a foot. checking out all the latest and we'll let you know when the next advisory on ida comes in. >> gregg: thanks v. ♪ >> julie: american sflag flying over the navy's newest ship, u.s.s. new york. it was a homecoming of s
his nephew loves the united states and the violence hasan is accused of is unlike anything he's ever seen before from him. we have more from the west bank. >> hi. the family is in shock and say the attack does not gel with the person they know. we learned more about him when i sat down with his uncle this morning. did you see this coming that he would kill these people? >> i was surprised that he use a gun because he's a medical doctor. i didn't think they train him to use gun. he was in medical school. he fainted when he saw blood. >> what was the response after 9-11? >> he was saying, they are killers when they did 9-11. he did not approve of it and he didn't like the reaction, like they make collective punishment for the background for islam. if brother did something, it means other brothers are responsible. >> they're waiting to see if he comes out of his coma and if they can learn more from law enforcement as to why he conducted this attack. >> kelly? >> a heartfelt message from the mother of the alleged gunman behind yesterday's deadly office rampage in florida. anna rodriguez
. there she is with the president of the united states. russian officials are calling a train crash that killed 26 people an act of terrorism. meanwhile, a second less powerful bomb has exploded near the scene. no one was injured in that explosion. police suspect a crash which happened yesterday could be the result of a planned terrorist attack. the train defailed while travelling on a busy rail line between moscow and st. petersburg. the white house as released a statement says it's deeply saddened by the railroad accident and the terrible loss of lives and injuries. president obama will announce his afghanistan troop decision from west point on tuesday, but as the war in afghanistan drags on. are the mainstream media and some democrats growing a bit weary about all of this? joining us now is author, journalist and fox news contributor liz thank you for joining us here today. your thoughts how this is going to unfold both among the president's party faithful and the liberal media? >> yes, of the two phrases we've been hearing, brian, all week have been finishing the job, they have
that they deserve. the united states will continue to stand with iraq as a strong partner and as a friend. tough challenges remain and i'm sure that there will be difficult days to come but this agreement advances the political progress that can bring lasting peace and unity to iraq and allow for the orderly transition of american combat troops out of iraq by next september. i want to congratulate our troops and civilians serving so capably in iraq and congratulate the iraqi people who have taken an important step forward in pursuit of a better future. there is more work to be con. we continue to move in the -- to be done. we look forward to iraqi elections early next year. thank you very much. >> shannon: you have been listening live to the president from the rose garden today. congratulating iraqi leaders for coming up with a new election law that will mean big change there's. and transparently but also he talked about healthcare quite a bit, congratulating the house on what they got done last night and he said he is quite sure the senate will get it done as well. it has been an ambitious goal
in the coming weeks. >> what about trade? is there any movement so far? has the united states delegation been able to iron anything out on that front? >> reporter: no, it hasn't. it's really a curious clash of rhetoric with reality. the president in his speech in japan yesterday talked about u.s. advocacy, or trade throughout this entire region. but there is a pending free trade agreement in america right now with south korea. it was negotiated in june of 2007. it's been sitting there waiting for action. the last two of the bush administration, well into the first year of the obama administration, it would be the biggest free trade agreement the united states has with any other nation since nafta. it would add u.s. trade representatives ten to $12 billion to the gdp. but because the obama administration wants more access for the u.s. auto makers, south koreans aren't high on that. that agreement is stalled and there has been no efforts here, no visible effort for the obama administration to bring the two nations any closer on that free trade pact. others could commence and follow after that.
products in the united states to keep these jobs here, to support families and women here in the united states. >> reporter: encouraging patriotic spending keeps dollars earned in the u.s. state side. >> we're reinvesting in our country for our kids. we are recycling american dollars. we're preserving american jobs and we're insuring that perhaps those businesses will stay here in america. >> made in, why not? this holiday weekend, we want to help some of the people out there that are looking for jobs in these tough times. each hour today, we're bringing you another edition in our on the job hunt series to let you know where you can find some of the jobs that are available. you'll see it only on fox. >>> i like that report, jamie. >> thank you. >> berlin is bustling with holiday spirit as the city holds its annual santa summit. around 100 merry helpers gearing in the german capitol to review the holiday basics from delivering gifts to singing christmas carols. berlin student employment centers sponsors the event and organizers say the real santa needs plenty of helpers to pull o
jurisdiction in the united states have what is known as at-will employment. what that means is an employer can fire an employee for any reason or no reason at an all. the exceptions that work with employment contract, professional athlete television news can c anchor or you fall in a protected class from the 1964 that r statues. otherwise they have no obligation to keep someone working that put others at risk. >> shannon: employers have things to be careful about with privacy and hipa logs and those things but if someone comes and says i had h1n1 does the employer have a right to tell other coworkers do they have to keep the information secret? do you have to rely on the employee to tell others? how does it work? >> you have to keep it secret with respect to the individual employee. the boss, supervisor can't run around the workplace and say guess what? sally jones has been diagnosed with h1n1. what they can do and what they must do is inform the other employees that they may have been exposed to this illness again without revealing the identity of the individual employee. and then at that poi
states ambassador to the united nations and fox news contributor. ambassador, good morning. >> good morning. >> eric: you know, critics are saying this morning what took the u.n. so long? >> well, it's a very good question. for which there is not a good answer. this resolution passed by the iaea on friday has no real world effect. the iaea has no enforcement authority. when we hear the obama administration say what a great diplomatic victory it is for russia and china to support the resolution, it isn't because they're supporting a piece of paper with no effect. a real diplomatic victory would get to russia to support the security council for strict sanctions which has been and remains unlikely. the u.n. role here will be limited. >> eric: wait a minute. everyone this morning is saying what a great diplomatic victory this is, that russia and china signed on finally and 25 nations around the world voted against iran on the resolution. you're saying it doesn't mean much? >> right. the iaea has no way to enforce this decision. in fact, the bush administration once the iaea referred it
in eight years. the question will be how will the president of the united states respond to it. >> it seems to continue escalating today. great perspective. thank you very much. >> thanks. >>> people across the country heading home today after spending the thanksgiving holiday away. rick reichmuth is at the fox weather center to tell us if that is going to throw any kinks in their plans. hi, rick. >>> a lucky weekend. a lot to be thankful for. the east coast looking good. the line of storms cutting through the michigan area down throughout the center part of the country. no major rain from this. a light storm. it will be a bigger system at least a little more rain tomorrow as it moves in across the eastern seaboard. if tomorrow is your travel back time you will see some delays probably from boston through the mid atlantic. the bigger story is across parts of the southwest. upper level disturbance around arizona and california bringing cooler weather, some rain and some mountain snow. some of this is going to be significant, especially in towards new mexico, both today and tomorrow the snow
she will allow the debate to go forward, is going to take the floor in the united states senate, perhaps in this hour. when that happens, we'll go there and listen to what she has to say and find out, perhaps, if this bill is moving forward today or whether it gets put on hold. this week's recommendations for fewer pap smears and mammograms are creating concerns among republicans that moves like this will lead to government rationed medical care. caroline shively is standing by with the latest on that. hello. >> hi shall the word rationing sends a shiver down the spines of most americans. to be clear the studies we're talking about is not part of the senate health care bill we're debating today, but republicans have been jumping on the reports saying it could be sign of what's to come. let's review what's in the reports. the american clem of obstetricians and gynecologists advised women to start pap tests for cervical cancer age 21 and every other year until they're 30. previous test guidelines, begin at 18 and get one every year. after a federal task force to advise women to wa
directly to the united states. at least one state has already declared a state of emergency. where is it headed next and how long do we expect it to batter the u.s. ugcl) yeacl 's h fba icos y!tyft juneck yno itft'sse sut'cu tyftef (ckicli she is the greatest thing ever. woman: one little smile, one little laugh. - honey bunny. - ( coos ) we would do anything for her. my name is kim bryant and my husband and i made a will on legalzoom. man: it was really easy to do. - ( blows raspberries ) - ( laughing ) robert shapiro: we created legalzoom to help you take care of the ones you love. go to today and complete your will in minutes. at we put the law on your side. go to today and captioning by,will closed captioning services, inc. >> julie: fox nushz letter, i'm julie bandaras joined by gregg jarrett and hurricane i'd days strengthening to a category-2 storm, barrelling toward the gulf coast, governor bobby jindal declaring a state of emergency in louisiana and hurricane watch now, stretching from southeast earn louisiana all the way to th
and you get on a plane and go somewhere, even out of the united states, what is the one tip that you would have for people who haven't had the vaccine but travel? >> first of all, we have to see what the pattern will be. the virus will taper back down. we hope it does. no guarantee it will. in the middle of a flu season where there is a lot of respiratory diseases, you should limit it to essential travel and not go to crowded places. you can't make a prediction of what will happen at christmas. we don't know if it will peak and come down and level off. that's the reason why the cdc tracks this carefully, literally in real time on a daily basis. >> jamie: dr. anthony fauci, infectious disease specialist. will you come back and speak with us again as it progresses? >> more than happy to. >> jamie: thank you very much. nice to see you. >> eric: we're seeing the horror stories, drivers operating trains for example can an texting on the cell phones with the devastating results. now more an more states are moving to ban texting behind the wheel. take a look. the government doesn't track statisti
. that phrase was cut following a dispute between the united states and china. china has been under pressure if it wants to strengthen. the critics say it's artificially low. there will be more discussion on that. climate change on the agenda but added at the last minute. with the hopen hagin summit and little hope with binding on that front, they flew in to have a proposal for politically binding agreement and at least that would keep the process going until they have a better agreement. that's with a we're following in singapore. back to you. >> shannon: katie sergeant, thank you for the live update. according to sarah palin's new book, the mccain-palin campaign was not a happy family. well, former top mccain advisor tells us what she thinks of sarah palin's new book. you will not believe how much people were willing to pay for disgraced financier bernie madoff's junk. find out how much his mets jacket went for. get out your checkbook. up next! >> shannon: the u.s. and russia are making headway in nuclear talks. caroline shively standing by the top stories. >> hi to you. nuclear pack toppe
in january and we gotten to the point in less than a year where the bill is about to pass the united states senate. as far as what the moderates would like to see, they approved a vote and let the bill come to the floor and they are going to try to make concessions and make the bill better. >> julie: i want to talk about the public option because some people believe allowing private insurers to sell across state lines could benefit consumers. but critics say it would reduce the quality of health care and those critics are the same critics that tried to push push through the public option. i'm a little confused? >> absolutely. first i want to bring up this point. i'm glad to see the democrats are still with the whole line of george bush messed everything up. i think we need to move beyond that. medicare "d" and howard dean said it was the best reforms for health care. let's move back to the whole competition. >> he did nothing, to be clear. >> howard dean, medicare "d", liberal democrat giving george bush a compliment, something we've not heard for a long time. choice and competition, the th
. >> almost certainly this is information provided to the iaea by the united states. and is consistent with what we have seen in a wide variety of other information that iran has been pursuing a nuclear warhead design for some time and what was interesting about this was the level of sophistication. of the design the iranians were pursuing and i think once again, this is further suggestion that iran is a lot farther ahead on that critical weapons design task. than the people have thought before. >> eric: mahmoud ahmadinejad says they do not nuclear weapons and he says they are criminal and you have to be right tarrets his word to have a nuclear weapon and why would they have this design if they don't want nuclear weapons? >> well, it is this and many, many other pieces of evidence, all of which have been publicly available for some time. point in the direction of an iranian nuclear weapons program and i think what mahmoud ahmadinejad is doing is just spreading propaganda, disinformation, trying to distract people from their ongoing work on the nuclear and ballistic missile programs. we
Search Results 0 to 20 of about 21